Judo Champion Defeats Opponent, Gives Him a Belly Kiss

The 2017 European Judo Championships just took place in Warsaw, Poland. Competitors Adam Okruashvili and Guram Tushishvili, both originating from Georgia (the country), went up against each other in the 100+ kg gold metal contest.

Okruashvili was the defending champion, but Tushishvili defeated his elder and took home the title this year.

After their fierce contest concluded, Tushishvili gave Okruashvili a nice little belly kiss! Ha!

This would only be better if it had been a raspberry. What a way to end a judo championship.

In the words of Kyle Cantlon of Yahoo Canada Sports, "There may be no bigger sign of respect than kissing your opponents perspiration-soaked belly after a hard-fought battle."

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