Man Bowls a Perfect Game in Only 90 Seconds

Ben Ketola recently set the world record for the fastest perfect 300 bowling game!

He had the whole alley set up for him to play, throwing perfect strikes from the far left lane all the way down to the far right lane. He demonstrated some serious excellence in the sport.

The best part of all, though, is that hustley little run he did after throwing each ball. Have you ever tried to run faster than that in bowling shoes? Bad things can happen.

Of course, people on the internet immediately started to come up with ways that he could improve upon his strategy to shave off even more time. For example:

  • Instead of running all the way back to lane 1 when he got to the end, he could go back to lane 7 or 8 for his last two strikes. They would already be back up by the time he got there.
  • Prepare those lanes with extra bowling balls, in case the machine takes too long to return his original balls.
  • Bowling two lanes at a time, with one ball in each hand. (This may not be a great idea)

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