Video: Alabama HS Football Player Beaten By Teammates

A 14 year old freshman football player at Davidson High School in Alabama was attacked by teammates in the school locker room. The freshman was reportedly left with a broken arm as a result of the attack.


Solis confirmed in the e-mail to that the victim stated he was headed to the locker room and one of the leaders of the team pushed him into the locker room and about 20 other upperclassmen started hitting, kicking and physically jumping on top of him after practice.

Davidson head coach Fred Riley, who has been the head coach of the Warriors for the past 14 years, said he could not comment on the incident. - Ben Thomas,

WARNING: Video is graphic and contains strong language.

Four players have already been suspended, and the Mobile Police Department and Mobile County Public School Systems are still investigating the incident. Davidson is scheduled to play at Baldwin County in a spring game on May 18th.

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