College Football Playoff Title Game Could Cost Cities Close to $16 Million

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In a recent Minneapolis Star Tribune Interview with CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock, it sounds like Minneapolis has a chance to be in the running whenever the bid process for the CFP Title Game comes back open in a few years.

Hancock also said it’s probably better if a city doesn’t host any combination of the Super Bowl, Final Four and CFP back-to-back-to-back, as it “does stress the resources of the city in terms of finances and also in terms of volunteer manpower.” He estimated a city’s investment for hosting a CFP as $12 million to $16 million, though cities expect to make that back in tourism dollars. Only a few cities have pulled that off in conjunction with a Final Four and Super Bowl, such as Phoenix from 2015-17 and Atlanta from 2018-20.

The future sites of the game have already been announced through 2024 but CFP officials have been tight-lipped about the future of the bidding process

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