Congresswoman & Pediatrician Say Youngest Kids Can Still Get COVID Jabs

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A South Florida congresswoman wants parents of young kids to know that they CAN get their children vaccinated against COVID-19.

"Unfortunately, because of, I think, the extreme politics of Florida, Florida is not accepting the vaccines at the health departments."

But Democrat Representative Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach says the shots will soon be available for those ages six months to five years at pediatrician's offices, pharmacies and other providers who order directly from the federal government.

Governor DeSantis says the state is not ordering doses of the vaccine for the youngest children because there isn't enough data to support its use for healthy kids.

Frankel, however, says she's looking forward to the shots for those close to her.

"I can't wait to get my grandchildren vaccinated so that I can literally get out of the house with them. That's how I feel."

The representative pointed out that she has a 96-year old mother and two grandkids, ages one and three.

Frankel spoke outside a CVS store on Tuesday alongside a pediatrician, who called the vaccines "safe and effective."

Dr. Shannon Fox-Levine is President of the Palm Beach Pediatric Society and says that while young kids have been less effected by the virus than adults throughout the pandemic...

"As the virus has evolved, we have seen more significant illness in children...especially the six month to two year age group."

The Florida Department of Health in March recommended against COVID-19 vaccines for healthy kids, saying the risks of vaccinating them “may outweigh the benefits.”

But Frankel says there have been roughly 88,000 new COVID cases reported in children nationwide this month.

The governor says parents are free to get their kids vaccinated if they wish to do so and nobody is stopping them.

In addition to pharmacies and pediatricians offices, the Health Care District of Palm Beach County has ordered doses of the Moderna vaccine for children under 5 and plans to offer them at their clinics.

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