Rubio Leads Demings In Florida's U.S. Senate Race According to Mason-Dixon

With election day five weeks away a new Mason-Dixon survey of registered Florida voters shows Republican Senator Marco Rubio continues to lead Democratic challenger Val Demings in the state's U.S. Senate race.

"Statewide 47% support Rubio, 41% support Demings," pollster Brad Coker said. "Virtually unchanged since a poll we did earlier this year."

Coker says President Biden's unpopularity in the Sunshine State isn't helping Demings' chances.

"Joe Biden's approval rating in Florida is only 42% and 54% disapprove of the president's performance."

Coker says it's a 'tough sell' to convince voters to send a Democratic Senator to Washington to support President Biden.

The deadline to register to vote in Florida's November 8 general election is next Tuesday.

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