MIA and OIA Swap Number One for Number of Passengers

It took seven years, but Miami International Airport has finally retaken the number one spot for "busiest Florida airport."

MIA boasted 50.6 million passengers passed through its gates in 2022, compared to number two busiest Orlando International Airport with 50.1 million last year.

One big reason for the surge in passenger traffic that led to MIA retaking the top spot???? A surge in post-pandemic international traffic that made the Miami airport number one in international passengers.

Another reason for more passengers through MIA is that airlines there added 15 international routes in 2022.

Of the 50 million-plus passengers passing through MIA in the past year, more than 60 percent, or about 31 million, were flying American Airlines.

Since 2016, MCO laid claim to the "Florida's Busiest Airport" moniker.

Before that, Miami had always had the busiest airport in Florida.

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