K-"OW"-abunga! A Woman Is Suing Over Painful Wedgie At Disney Waterpark

A woman is suing Walt Disney World in connection to an injury at one of its water parks. The lawsuit filed in Orange County on Wednesday names Typhoon Lagoon and the 214-foot water slide called Humunga Kowabunga.

The lawsuit claims a woman was seriously injured and sent to the hospital from a painful wedgie on the Humunga Kowabunga ride while she visited the park to celebrate her 30th birthday in October 2019

Now, she and her husband are suing Disney for more than $50,000. They are accusing the company of negligence and say Disney failed to provide her and other riders with proper protective clothing and failed to warn them of inherent dangers.

The lawsuit said had Disney warned her about the risk, she would not have gone down the slide. According to Disney, people plummet down a near-vertical five-story drop. Riders go without a raft or a tube.

The complaint said riders can reach speeds approaching 40 miles per hour and before they go down the slide they are told to "cross their legs at the ankles."

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